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    cBITE, the lab for Cell Biology-Inspired Tissue Engineering at the MERLN Institute, Maastricht University

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cBITE is part of the MERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine at Maastricht University. Research at cBITE is dedicated to understanding and applying basic cell biological principles in the field of biomedical engineering. The research program is characterized by a holistic approach to both discovery and application, aiming at combining high throughput technologies, computational modeling and experimental cell biology to streamline the wealth of biological knowledge to real clinical applications.



Research at cBITE

Cell biology, computational approaches, and material development are the three key fields of science that we focus our research on at cBITE. To find out more, have a look here:



Jan de Boer
Aurélie Carlier
Dennie Hebels
Marloes Kamphuis
Nadia Roumans
Aliaksei (Alex) Vasilevich
Pascal Vroemen
Steven Vermeulen
Ayşegül Dede
Urandelger (Urnaa) Tuvshindorj
Linfeng (Joseph) Li
Kerbaï Saïd Eroumé
Jasia King

Suggested reading

Mining for osteogenic surface topographies: In silico design to in vivo osseo-integration.

Hulshof FFB, Papenburg B, Vasilevich A, Hulsman M, Zhao Y, Levers M, Fekete N, de Boer M, Yuan H, Singh S, Beijer N, Bray MA, Logan DJ, Reinders M, Carpenter AE, van Blitterswijk C, Stamatialis D, de Boer J.
Biomaterials. 2017;137:49-60.
Full list of suggested reading.



Nick Beijer's thesis approved by assessment committee

Nick Beijer's thesis entitled "Topographically enhanced cell culture systems to induce and monitor mechanobiology" has been approved by the assessment committee. Nick's thesis defense will take place on the 13th of April at 16:00. Check the events page for more details!





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