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Jesse wins the SenseUs2020 biosensor competition!

SenseUs2020 BioSensor Competitition 


Last week, our masters student Jesse Jagers competed in the SenseUs2020 event with his TU/e team TEST and won the Creativity Award. 

SensUs 2020 has challenged talented student teams from all over the world to develop innovative biosensing systems for the measurement unbound valproate, a biological drug that is used to treat epilepsy.15 international student teams presented their work online on August 28, in an event full of students, industry experts, patients and healthcare professionals. Check the event website here if you are interested in participicating next year.

Congratulations Jesse! We are excited to have you in our group!

New Paper on Mechanotransduction of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Published in Biomaterials!

Mechanotransduction is a context-dependent activator of TGF-β signaling in mesenchymal stem cells

Steven paper

The BiS group discovered that mesenchymal stem cells exposed to both micro-topographies and TGF-β2 display synergistic induction of SMAD phosphorylation and transcription of the TGF-β target genes SCXa-SMA, and SOX9. Pharmacological perturbations revealed that Rho/ROCK/SRF signaling is required for this synergistic response. We further found an activation of the early response genes SRF and EGR1 during the early adaptation phase on micro-topographies, which coincided with higher expression of the TGF-β type-II receptor gene.

Results are published in Biomaterials Journal. Click here to access the full article. 

We are looking for a talented PhD candidate to join our team!

We have an opening for an excellent PhD opportunity in collaboration with the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment and our lab at the TU/e.

As part of this project, we are going to develop in vitro methods to assess implant safety by exposing cells to both chemical and mechanical stimuli simultaniously. If you have a master’s degree in biomedical engineering, toxicology or a related field and interested in conducting innovative research, click this link for more information!


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