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Nick Beijer awarded the annual NVCB oral presentation price

Zeist, The Netherlands. At the annual meeting of the NVCB (Dutch Society for Calcium and Bone Metabolism), cBITE was represented by Nick Beijer who was presenting the group’s work on osteogenic surface topographies. The presentation entitled: “Improving Orthopedic Implant Surfaces; from In Silico Topography Design to Enhanced Bone Bonding In Vivo”, was very well appreciated by the audience. Nick guided the NVCB members through the complete story of TopoChip design and functionalities, high-throughput screening process and validation, towards promising in vivo results.

In one way he showed the discovery of a surface modification that could potentially be used to induce osteogenesis in the cells directly around orthopedic implants, and on the other hand, this was a conceptual talk on the great potential the TopoChip has in many mechanobiology relevant fields. For his talk, Nick was awarded the Annual Oral Presentation price 2016.


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