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JandeBoerLab publishes first time in Education!

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It's our pleasure to announce that jandeboerlab publishes on education for the first time!

The CBL (Challenge based Learning) setting of Applied Cell Biology Course which was designed and ran for the first time last year by Sultan and Jan will be presented as a short paper in the annual congress of of European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI). We are very enthusiastic to share our experiences also in education! 

Some outstanding comments from the reviewers are:

'Interesting short paper about a case of course development in the disciplinary field of Biomedical Engineering. Curriculum redesign towards Challenge Based Learning as the central topic is very well outlined. CBL as a strategic learning methodology has been analysed in different aspects of learning, interdisciplinary content and education. The design evaluation shows opportunities for further development of the curriculum'.

'Thanks very much for your very clear paper. I really loved to read it, though Bio Medical Engineering is not my topic. It will give the audience a good idea about the curriculum design / redesign in your field and I believe good opportunities to learn from your cases'.


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