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New Paper on Mechanotransduction of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Published in Biomaterials!

Mechanotransduction is a context-dependent activator of TGF-β signaling in mesenchymal stem cells

Steven paper

The BiS group discovered that mesenchymal stem cells exposed to both micro-topographies and TGF-β2 display synergistic induction of SMAD phosphorylation and transcription of the TGF-β target genes SCXa-SMA, and SOX9. Pharmacological perturbations revealed that Rho/ROCK/SRF signaling is required for this synergistic response. We further found an activation of the early response genes SRF and EGR1 during the early adaptation phase on micro-topographies, which coincided with higher expression of the TGF-β type-II receptor gene.

Results are published in Biomaterials Journal. Click here to access the full article. 


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