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New article out in Scientific Reports!

Ayseguls scientific report pubblicationOur recent, collaborative effort to create surface topographies by evaporating soluble collagen and inducing its self-agglomeration has just been published in Scientific Reports!

In this manuscript, ee demonstrate a robust and simple approach to form collagen substrates with different topographies by evaporating droplets of a collagen solution. Upon evaporation of the collagen solution, a stain of collagen is left behind, composed of three regions with a distinct pattern: an isotropic region, a concentric ring pattern, and a radially oriented region. The formation and size of these regions can be controlled by the evaporation rate of the droplet and initial collagen concentration. The patterns form topographical cues inducing a pattern-specific cell (tenocyte) morphology, density, and proliferation.

Read the full article here https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-021-81054-5#Sec8


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