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Dr Harold Raat is giving a seminar as BiS Talks


Dr Harold Raat is giving a seminar about 'Do peri-operative oxygen levels influence tissue oxygen comsumption' in TU/e in Ceres 1.26 at 13.00 PM. on 27th June, 2019 for a series of BiS talks hosted by Jan de Boer.

'Life at the cell-material interface' keynote lecture by Jan.

Jan de Boer participated to a joint conference organized by 'Cell and Tissue Engineering Societies of UK' between 11th-13th June at University of Nottingham. Jan gave a keynote lecture about 'Life at the cell-material interface' at the 'Next Generation Biomaterials Discovery' section. UKcongress


BiS BEP Students RIVM Visit, June 2019.

BiS BEP Students visited RIVM National Institute for Health and Environment as guests of Dr Nick Beijer former jandeboer.lab alumni. Nick shared his inspiring experiences related to cell-biomaterial interactions to assess biocompatibility at his current research.


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