Group pictures

Byebye BEP Bbq, Best, July 2021

20210701 BEP bye bye BBQ


Aysegul's PhD Defense, Eindhoven, June 2021

202106 Ayseguls defense 1

202106 Ayseguls defense 3


BiS paintball challenge and very well deserved Asian fusion cuisine

for Christmas outing, Eindhoven, December 2019!
X mas2019


Farewell to Giluia! BiS Painting Squad for Jan's Office, September 2019!  



BiS at the Biesbosch National Park for Beaver Watch, May 2019!



BiS/cBITE challenge Escape Rooms for Christmas outing Eindhoven, December 2018!



Christmas outing of cBITE at Heidestein, December 2017!

cBITE 2017


cBITE at the official opening of the LINK Institutes MERLN and M4I on the 9th of September 2016.

Group photo cBiT v2


cBITE's day out: underground in Valkenburg!

cBITE day out Oct 2017


Urnaa's baby shower. By now, Urnaa's daughter Suvd is already at home with her mommy.

Baby shower Urnaa


Nick and Steven in the cleanroom 

Nick and Steven in the cleanroom 1701


cBITE at the thesis defense or Jenny Brinkmann at the University of Twente.

Promotion Jenny Brinkmann


cBITE's day out: Room Escape in Maastricht.

cBITE day out 1

cBITE day out 2



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