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Interested in the history of the TopoChip technology?

Read this short assay by Jan de Boer entitled: ”  On mixing people and ideas - a brief history of the TopoChip”

Mining for osteogenic surface topographies: In silico design to in vivo osseo-integration.

Hulshof FFB, Papenburg B, Vasilevich A, Hulsman M, Zhao Y, Levers M, Fekete N, de Boer M, Yuan H, Singh S, Beijer N, Bray MA, Logan DJ, Reinders M, Carpenter AE, van Blitterswijk C, Stamatialis D, de Boer J.
Biomaterials. 2017;137:49-60.

cBiT: A transcriptomics database for innovative biomaterial engineering

Hebels DG, Carlier A, Coonen MLJ, Theunissen DH, de Boer J.
Biomaterials. 2017;149:88-97.

Linking the Transcriptional Landscape of Bone Induction to Biomaterial Design Parameters.

Groen N, Yuan H, Hebels DG, Koçer G, Mbuyi F, LaPointe V, Truckenmüller R, van Blitterswijk CA, Habibović P, de Boer J.
Adv Mater. 2017;29(10).

An algorithm-based topographical biomaterials library to instruct cell fate.

Unadkat HV, Hulsman M, Cornelissen K, Papenburg BJ, Truckenmüller RK, Carpenter AE, Wessling M, Post GF, Uetz M, Reinders MJ, Stamatialis D, van Blitterswijk CA, de Boer J.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2011;108(40):16565-16570.

Osteoinductive ceramics as a synthetic alternative to autologous bone grafting.

Yuan H, Fernandes H, Habibovic P, de Boer J, Barradas AM, de Ruiter A, Walsh WR, van Blitterswijk CA, de Bruijn, JD.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010;107(31):13614-9.

cAMP/PKA pathway activation in human mesenchymal stem cells in vitro results in robust bone formation in vivo.

Siddappa R, Martens A, Doorn J, Leusink A, Olivo C, Licht R, van Rijn L, Gaspar C, Fodde R, Janssen F, van Blitterswijk C, de Boer J.
Proc Nat Acad Sci USA 2008;105(20):7281-7286.


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